Benefits of Using the Joy ON Kegel Weights App

Your Joy ON Kegel Weights come with a free app that may be downloaded to your phone. The app is not required when using the weights but there are several benefits to using the app.

The benefits of using the app are:

  • the instructions for using the weights are included in the app,
  • you can track and time your exercise sessions using the app, and
  • you can see a summary of your training times and weights and easily view your progress.

The app also includes a “Notes” section where you can enter useful notes such as:

  • any symptoms like pain or fatigue you may experience,
  • any questions you may have for your doctor or therapist, and
  • any comments about how you performed an exercise.

Your progress and questions will be readily available to show your physician or pelvic health therapist. You will also be able to easily view your calendar and keep track of your exercise sessions. Stay tuned for more information on the Joy ON kegel weights and the app.

Elizabeth Bell

Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health

Lola Rosenbaum

Doctor of Physical Therapy


If you have Kegel Weights by Joy ON, download our app now (free on Google Play and Apple Store) and discover the amazing possibilities that Joy ON offers.