Designing massage modes on the Joy ON app

Gale ON female vibrator and Pride ON prostate massager allows you to create your own massage modes through the Joy ON app. In this article, we will describe step-by-step how to use of one of the most interesting functionalities of our innovative app.

As we described in our previous article, Gale ON and Pride ON have some really fantastic features. This time, we will see how to create, test and store your own massage modes through the Joy ON app, available for free on Google Play  (Android) and  App Store (iOS).

This option allows you to freely control the functionality of the motors of your Gale ON female vibrator or Pride ON prostate massager, adjusting to your preset vibration and power levels, creating your own unique patterns.

In other words, the app lets you control the behavior of your toy, creating your own library of massage modes.

To access to this function, select the “Custom” icon that can be found on the bottom right corner of the screen.

From this screen, you will have the power to create your own massage modes.

Gale ON users, will be able to control its three independent motors. For Pride ON users, you’ll be able to control it’s two perfectly placed motors.

In both cases, you can select which motor you want to design a new massage pattern for. Simply press the appropriate button for the vibration point you want, as you can see on the left image.

Once the motor is selected, you can use your imagination to design the vibration mode by “drawing” the pattern, sliding your finger over the screen.

The higher the pattern’s peak, the stronger the vibration intensity of the motor. Conversely, lower peaks of the pattern will produce less intense vibrations.

Unleash your inner creativity! You can try out the results of your pattern at any moment by pressing the “Try it” button. After making your vibration pattern, the app will adjust and automatically soften the highest peaks to avoid unwanted jumps, which may adversely affect the performance of the motors.

Once you have finished drawing the curve that you desire, you can continue to design the pattern of the next motor.

With this function of the Joy ON app, there are literally infinite vibration possibilities for your Gale ON or Pride ON.

When you are done with the design, press the “Save” button.

The app will ask you to name the new massage pattern. After typing in a cheeky name, you can press “Save” in that same window.

Now your design is part of your personal library of massage modes.

To add your customized designs on the Massage panel, follow the steps that we have detailed in our previous article, “Make the most of the Joy ON app features.”