Here are some tips for you to enjoy your Joy ON for the very first time. By following these simple recommendations, you can take full advantage of you Pelvic Floor Exerciser or Wand Massager features, allowing you to extend the life of your product.

Although the packaging process of our products is subjected to very demanding quality standards, you should take note that these products are going to have contact with the most intimate parts of your body, so it implies that we take a little extra caution. Please follow these tips carefully, taking into account some simple steps of hygiene, battery charging, recommendations for suitable lubricant types and a few other aspects that you’ll want to consider before enjoying your Joy ON.

Hygiene recommendations.

The most important tips are for taking care of the hygiene of your Joy ON. Whether it is the first use or for later uses, cleaning your device is essential.

There is a small chance that after opening the packaging of your brand-new Joy ON, you find small traces of dust due to the factory packaging process. Although this can happen in very isolated cases (we evaluate every product before its shipment), we suggest the following hygiene recommendations.

Before the first use, wash your device with plenty of cold or warm water (Important: water temperature shouldn’t be over 40ºC) using a neutral soap. Please follow these initial hygiene recommendations strictly, otherwise, it may cause irreparable damage to your device.

Avoid the usage of any abrasive detergent, active disinfectants or gels. Joy ON products should be sanitized using exclusively neutral soaps or specific non-alcoholic adult toy disinfectants that can be found on the market. Do not use, under any circumstance, high-grade alcohols, acetone or any other type of abrasive cleaner.

Initial battery charge.

Joy ON’s battery comes with a small battery charge, but to maximize its life span you must fully charge its battery before the first use. The full charge time is 3-4 hours for Kehel and Lilith.

It is essential that you complete this full charge before the first use of your Joy ON, as it is crucial for the device to reach its highest performance levels. With a low battery, some of the Joy ON Kehel app features may experience some difficulties in functioning optimally.

Ideal Lubricant for Joy ON products.

Even though lubricant is optional, the experience of using Joy ON toys in combination with a lubricant is significantly more satisfactory. Generally, the use of lubrication is indicated to avoid painful penetrations, or for those areas where our body doesn’t naturally produce the necessary lubrication.

We highly recommend that you use exclusively water-based lubricants, which are very common and easy to find.

The type of lubricant used is crucial to avoid causing any harm to the toy or to your own body. Under no circumstances should you use silicone-based lubricants, vaseline or moisturizing creams, as they could create an abrasive effect that might expose you to significant irritations and cause irreparable damages to your Joy ON. Oil-based lubricants are also not recommended because they may upset the pH balance of your skin.

Use of condoms with your Joy ON.

Even though Joy ON toys are manufactured with food-grade silicone, the usage of condoms is indicated for those cases where there may be possibilities of allergic reactions (Joy ON products don’t contain latex), or if the toy is to be used by more than one person.

In the latter case, the use of condoms on the toy is strongly recommended, as it minimizes the risk of any sexual transmitted diseases that may be contracted from sharing toys.

Whether or not you decide to use prophylactics, we advise you to maintain the correct hygiene of the device as discussed above.

After-Care Recommendations.

After using any of Joy ON’s products, wash it with a toy cleaner or anti-bacterial hand soap and take special care to keep it perfectly dry. In the original package, you will find an ideal cover for storing it and protecting it from dust and lint.

If you follow these tips for using your Joy ON product, you will ensure a very long life-span of your device, without inhibiting any of the incredibly experiences it can provide you. If you still don’t have your Joy ON, it’s time to visit our online store, select the product that best suits your preferences and get started!