All Joy ON products are marketed in premium conditions, with special care in handling during the packaging and shipping process, after having been subjected to high quality standards that guarantee an optimal shopping experience.

Our products have 1 year warranty from the purchase date.

Warranty exercise

It is imperative to submit the purchase invoice in order to exert the warranty rights. On the first 30 days from the purchase date, if the conditions detailed below are met, an exchange for a new product will be made.

According to the same Law, the following assumptions are excluded from the guarantee coverage:

  • Defects caused by misuse, impacts, accident, improper handling, use of not recommended lubricants, oils or liquids.
  • Cuts, entrapments, notches or any surface breakage produced by any other incorrect use for which the product has not been designed.
  • Faults caused by the normal wear and tear of the device.
  • Exposure to high moisture levels in its storage, variations in temperature, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals or any other substance that may alter the product.
  • Alterations, repairs, or openings made by persons not expressly authorized by the brand.
  • Software modifications on the device or improper use of the software.
  • The defects and damages derived from the use contrary to the instructions for use and maintenance.
  • Force majeure cases caused by an incident or uncontrolled incident.
  • Products purchased outside the official sales/distribution channels authorized by the brand.

In the exercise of the Consumer Assurances Guarantee Law, as from the sixth month of warranty, it is the responsibility of the user to prove, through a technical or expert report, that the alleged defect is a manufacturing defect and that it existed at the time of the delivery of the product and it wasn’t caused due to misuse, improper handling, etc.

To exercise your warranty rights, please contact us at [email protected].